The Apache Helix team would like to announce the release of Apache Helix 0.7.0-incubating

This is the fourth release and second major release under the Apache umbrella.

Helix is a generic cluster management framework used for the automatic management of partitioned, replicated and distributed resources hosted on a cluster of nodes. Helix provides the following features:

  • Automatic assignment of resource/partition to nodes
  • Node failure detection and recovery
  • Dynamic addition of Resources
  • Dynamic addition of nodes to the cluster
  • Pluggable distributed state machine to manage the state of a resource via state transitions
  • Automatic load balancing and throttling of transitions
  • Configurable, pluggable rebalancing



  • [HELIX-18] - Unify cluster setup and helixadmin
  • [HELIX-79] - consecutive GC may mess up helix session ids
  • [HELIX-83] - Add typed classes to denote helix ids
  • [HELIX-90] - Clean up Api's
  • [HELIX-98] - clean up setting constraint api
  • [HELIX-100] - Improve the helix config api
  • [HELIX-102] - Add new wrapper classes for Participant, Controller, Spectator, Administrator
  • [HELIX-104] - Add support to reuse zkclient
  • [HELIX-123] - ZkHelixManager.isLeader() should check session id in addition to instance name
  • [HELIX-139] - Need to double check the logic to prevent 2 controllers to control the same cluster
  • [HELIX-168] - separate HelixManager implementation for participant, controller, and distributed controller
  • [HELIX-176] - Need a list of tests that must pass to certify a release
  • [HELIX-224] - Move helix examples to separate module
  • [HELIX-233] - Ensure that website and wiki fully capture the updated changes in 0.7.0
  • [HELIX-234] - Create concrete id classes for constructs, replacing strings
  • [HELIX-235] - Create a hierarchical logical model for the cluster
  • [HELIX-236] - Create a hierarchical cluster snapshot to replace ClusterDataCache
  • [HELIX-237] - Create helix-internal config classes for the hierarchical model
  • [HELIX-238] - Create accessors for the logical model
  • [HELIX-239] - List use cases for the logical model
  • [HELIX-240] - Write an example of the key use cases for the logical model
  • [HELIX-241] - Write the controller pipeline with the logical model
  • [HELIX-242] - Re-integrate the scheduler rebalancing into the new controller pipeline
  • [HELIX-243] - Fix failing tests related to helix model overhaul
  • [HELIX-244] - Redesign rebalancers using rebalancer-specific configs
  • [HELIX-246] - Refactor scheduler task config to comply with new rebalancer config and fix related scheduler task tests
  • [HELIX-248] - Resource logical model should be general enough to handle various resource types
  • [HELIX-268] - Atomic API
  • [HELIX-297] - Make 0.7.0 backward compatible for user-defined rebalancing


  • [HELIX-40] - fix zkclient subscribe path leaking and zk callback-handler leaking in case of session expiry
  • [HELIX-46] - Add REST/cli admin command for message selection constraints
  • [HELIX-47] - when drop resource, remove resource-level config also
  • [HELIX-48] - use resource instead of db in output messages
  • [HELIX-50] - Ensure num replicas and preference list size in idealstate matches
  • [HELIX-59] - controller not cleaning dead external view generated from old sessions
  • [HELIX-136] - Write IdealState back to ZK when computed by custom Rebalancer
  • [HELIX-200] - helix controller send ERROR->DROPPED transition infinitely
  • [HELIX-214] - User-defined rebalancer should never use SEMI_AUTO code paths
  • [HELIX-225] - fix helix-example package build error
  • [HELIX-271] - ZkHelixAdmin#addResource() backward compatible problem
  • [HELIX-292] - ZNRecordStreamingSerializer should not assume id comes first
  • [HELIX-296] - HelixConnection in 0.7.0 does not remove LiveInstance znode
  • [HELIX-300] - Some files in 0.7.0 are missing license headers
  • [HELIX-302] - fix helix version compare bug


  • [HELIX-37] - Cleanup CallbackHandler
  • [HELIX-202] - Ideal state should be a full mapping, not just a set of instance preferences


  • [HELIX-109] - Review Helix model package
  • [HELIX-174] - Clean up ideal state calculators, move them to the controller rebalancer package
  • [HELIX-212] - Rebalancer interface should have 1 function to compute the entire ideal state
  • [HELIX-232] - Validation of 0.7.0
  • [HELIX-290] - Ensure 0.7.0 can respond correctly to ideal state changes
  • [HELIX-295] - Upgrade or remove xstream dependency
  • [HELIX-301] - Update integration test utils for 0.7.0


  • [HELIX-286] - add a test for redefine state model definition

Cheers, -- The Apache Helix Team

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