The Apache Helix team would like to announce the release of Apache Helix 0.6.7.

This is the tenth release under the Apache umbrella, and the sixth as a top-level project.

Helix is a generic cluster management framework used for the automatic management of partitioned, replicated and distributed resources hosted on a cluster of nodes. Helix provides the following features:

  • Automatic assignment of resource/partition to nodes
  • Node failure detection and recovery
  • Dynamic addition of Resources
  • Dynamic addition of nodes to the cluster
  • Pluggable distributed state machine to manage the state of a resource via state transitions
  • Automatic load balancing and throttling of transitions

Detailed Changes


  • [HELIX-649] Fix StateModelDef name is not consistent.
  • [HELIX-646] DeleteJob from a recurrent job queue should not throw exception if last scheduled queue not exist.
  • [HELIX-645] Fix Task State Model INIT priority number.
  • [HELIX-642] Disable the participant instance once it disconnected due to unstable ZK.


  • [HELIX-651] Add a method in HelixAdmin to set the InstanceConfig of an existing instance.
  • [HELIX-650] Add StateTransitionConfig and Expose API add state transition timeout.
  • [HELIX-648] Extend WorkflowConfig and JobConfig to ResourceConfig.
  • [HELIX-644] Add accessor method for getting zkSerializer from ZkClient.
  • [HELIX-641] Add total message recevied for each instance

Cheers, -- The Apache Helix Team

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