The Apache Helix team would like to announce the release of Apache Helix 0.6.4.

This is the sixth release under the Apache umbrella, and the second as a top-level project.

Helix is a generic cluster management framework used for the automatic management of partitioned, replicated and distributed resources hosted on a cluster of nodes. Helix provides the following features:

  • Automatic assignment of resource/partition to nodes
  • Node failure detection and recovery
  • Dynamic addition of Resources
  • Dynamic addition of nodes to the cluster
  • Pluggable distributed state machine to manage the state of a resource via state transitions
  • Automatic load balancing and throttling of transitions



  • [HELIX-171] - handleNewSession() should wait on all left-over tasks to be cancelled successfully before start new session
  • [HELIX-178] - Flapping detection
  • [HELIX-353] - Write an independent task rebalancer
  • [HELIX-417] - Support arbitrary-named target partitions in the task framework
  • [HELIX-422] - Simplify creation of single jobs
  • [HELIX-437] - Configurations at task, job, and cluster level
  • [HELIX-438] - Improve task framework retry logic
  • [HELIX-439] - Support thresholding for job success/failure
  • [HELIX-440] - Add scheduling layer to task framework
  • [HELIX-455] - Add REST API for submitting jobs
  • [HELIX-459] - Job context should include the instance that completed the job
  • [HELIX-460] - Add back healthcheck interfaces for compatibility
  • [HELIX-468] - TaskDriver list should be more robust
  • [HELIX-482] - Support "smarter" task failure strategies
  • [HELIX-492] - Task should be its own rebalance mode
  • [HELIX-497] - Support named queues of jobs
  • [HELIX-506] - Ensure that tasks are not placed on targets with pending transitions


  • [HELIX-132] - current-state and external-view are not cleaned up when a resource has been removed
  • [HELIX-350] - cluster status monitor should not be reset in FINALIZE type pipeline
  • [HELIX-394] - Shutdown GenericHelixController#_eventThread when HelixManager disconnects
  • [HELIX-395] - Remove old Helix alert/stat modules
  • [HELIX-413] - ClusterStateVerifier should always return true if called with 0 resources
  • [HELIX-423] - Code duplication in controller leader election
  • [HELIX-425] - 0.7 does not honor partition transition throttling correctly
  • [HELIX-429] - Upgrade restlet to 2.2.0
  • [HELIX-430] - Restlet 2.2.0 causes failures
  • [HELIX-433] - Untagging may fail in FULL_AUTO mode
  • [HELIX-443] - Race condition in Helix register/unregister MessageHandlerFactory
  • [HELIX-445] - NPE in ZkPathDataDumpTask
  • [HELIX-448] - Call onCallback for CustomCodeCallbackHandler for FINALIZE type
  • [HELIX-453] - On session expiry/recovery, not all message types are re-registered
  • [HELIX-464] - rabbitmq recipe is broken
  • [HELIX-465] - ZkCopy skips paths already exist in destination namespace
  • [HELIX-466] - Speed up zkcopy by using asyn read/write
  • [HELIX-471] - ResourceMonitor never unregistered even if the resource is dropped
  • [HELIX-472] - Errors should be cleaned up less frequently
  • [HELIX-476] - ZNRecordStreamingSerializer.deserialize throw NullPointerException when 'id' property is not the first item in JSON
  • [HELIX-491] - ZKHelixManager#waitUntilConnected() bug
  • [HELIX-495] - TestPreferenceListAsQueue is flaky


  • [HELIX-426] - 0.6 doesn't support partition constraints
  • [HELIX-444] - add per-participant partition count gauges to helix
  • [HELIX-446] - Remove ZkPropertyTransfer and restlet dependency from helix-core
  • [HELIX-452] - Increase frequency of status update cleanup

New Feature

  • [HELIX-130] - ZkDumper should provide a copy option
  • [HELIX-245] - New Recipe: Auto-Scaling with Apache Helix and Apache Hadoop YARN
  • [HELIX-336] - Add support for task framework
  • [HELIX-461] - Add a partitions without top state metric
  • [HELIX-463] - Add gauges for participant and controller message queue sizes


  • [HELIX-427] - Write a test for using preference lists as execution queues

Cheers, -- The Apache Helix Team

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