The Apache Helix team would like to announce the release of Apache Helix 0.6.3.

This is the fifth release under the Apache umbrella, and the first as a top-level project.

Helix is a generic cluster management framework used for the automatic management of partitioned, replicated and distributed resources hosted on a cluster of nodes. Helix provides the following features:

  • Automatic assignment of resource/partition to nodes
  • Node failure detection and recovery
  • Dynamic addition of Resources
  • Dynamic addition of nodes to the cluster
  • Pluggable distributed state machine to manage the state of a resource via state transitions
  • Automatic load balancing and throttling of transitions



  • [HELIX-323] - Ensure NOTICE files are correct at each level of the source tree
  • [HELIX-400] - 0.6.x still calls the old rebalancing algorithm for no reason
  • [HELIX-403] - Remove incubating suffix from all module versions
  • [HELIX-404] - Update website and javadocs for 0.6.3
  • [HELIX-405] - Backport relevant changes to 0.6.3


  • [HELIX-343] - fix trivial bugs
  • [HELIX-345] - Speed up the controller pipelines
  • [HELIX-356] - add a tool for grep zk transaction/snapshot logs based on time
  • [HELIX-363] - stopped working after graduation
  • [HELIX-380] - Incompatibility issue with HELIX_PROPERTYSTORE
  • [HELIX-382] - GenericHelixController should implement InstanceConfigChangeListener instead of ConfigChangeListener
  • [HELIX-383] - Javadoc for HelixManager references nonexistent start() method
  • [HELIX-390] - Race condition: Checking HelixManager#isConnected is unreliable
  • [HELIX-398] - Some helix-core tests are running again in the helix-admin-webapp set
  • [HELIX-399] - Make TestConsecutiveZkSessionExpiry less flaky


  • [HELIX-22] - Remove dependency on josql
  • [HELIX-344] - Add app-specific ideal state validation
  • [HELIX-349] - Coalesce different types of callbacks
  • [HELIX-381] - ClusterStateVerifier should support verifying a subset of resources
  • [HELIX-396] - Make REST api for /instances parseable
  • [HELIX-397] - Add tagging information to the REST GET response on /resourceGroups

New Feature

  • [HELIX-378] - Add instance gauges to ClusterStatusMonitor


  • [HELIX-347] - Write a test for restarting nodes with a paused controller
  • [HELIX-377] - Ensure admin APIs work well with tagging
  • [HELIX-392] - Write a test to ensure that ZK connection loss is silent
  • [HELIX-402] - 0.6.3 Release Tracker

Cheers, -- The Apache Helix Team

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