public class


extends HelixProperty
   ↳ org.apache.helix.HelixProperty
     ↳ org.apache.helix.task.JobContext

Class Overview

Provides a typed interface to the context information stored by TaskRebalancer in the Helix property store.


Inherited Fields
From class org.apache.helix.HelixProperty
Public Constructors
JobContext(ZNRecord record)
Public Methods
String getAssignedParticipant(int p)
long getFinishTime()
Map<StringString> getMapField(int p)
long getNextRetryTime(int p)
long getPartitionFinishTime(int p)
int getPartitionNumAttempts(int p)
Set<Integer> getPartitionSet()
TaskPartitionState getPartitionState(int p)
Map<StringList<Integer>> getPartitionsByTarget()
long getStartTime()
String getTargetForPartition(int p)
String getTaskIdForPartition(int p)
Map<StringInteger> getTaskIdPartitionMap()
int incrementNumAttempts(int pId)
void setAssignedParticipant(int p, String participantName)
void setFinishTime(long t)
void setNextRetryTime(int p, long t)
void setPartitionFinishTime(int p, long t)
void setPartitionNumAttempts(int p, int n)
void setPartitionState(int p, TaskPartitionState s)
void setPartitionTarget(int p, String targetPName)
void setStartTime(long t)
void setTaskIdForPartition(int p, String taskId)
Inherited Methods
From class org.apache.helix.HelixProperty
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public JobContext (ZNRecord record)

Public Methods

public String getAssignedParticipant (int p)

public long getFinishTime ()

public Map<StringString> getMapField (int p)

public long getNextRetryTime (int p)

public long getPartitionFinishTime (int p)

public int getPartitionNumAttempts (int p)

public Set<Integer> getPartitionSet ()

public TaskPartitionState getPartitionState (int p)

public Map<StringList<Integer>> getPartitionsByTarget ()

public long getStartTime ()

public String getTargetForPartition (int p)

public String getTaskIdForPartition (int p)

public Map<StringInteger> getTaskIdPartitionMap ()

public int incrementNumAttempts (int pId)

public void setAssignedParticipant (int p, String participantName)

public void setFinishTime (long t)

public void setNextRetryTime (int p, long t)

public void setPartitionFinishTime (int p, long t)

public void setPartitionNumAttempts (int p, int n)

public void setPartitionState (int p, TaskPartitionState s)

public void setPartitionTarget (int p, String targetPName)

public void setStartTime (long t)

public void setTaskIdForPartition (int p, String taskId)