public class


extends Object
   ↳ org.apache.helix.provisioning.yarn.AppMasterConfig

Class Overview

Convenient method to pass information to containers The methods simply sets up environment variables


Nested Classes
enum AppMasterConfig.AppEnvironment  
Public Constructors
Public Methods
int getAppId()
String getAppName()
String getApplicationSpecConfigFile()
String getApplicationSpecFactory()
String getClassPath(String serviceName)
String getContainerId()
Map<StringString> getEnv()
String getMainClass(String serviceName)
String getTaskConfigFile(String configName)
String getZKAddress()
void setAppId(int id)
void setAppName(String appName)
void setApplicationSpecFactory(String className)
void setClasspath(String serviceName, String classpath)
void setMainClass(String serviceName, String serviceMainClass)
void setTaskConfigFile(String configName, String path)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public AppMasterConfig ()

Public Methods

public int getAppId ()

public String getAppName ()

public String getApplicationSpecConfigFile ()

public String getApplicationSpecFactory ()

public String getClassPath (String serviceName)

public String getContainerId ()

public Map<StringString> getEnv ()

public String getMainClass (String serviceName)

public String getTaskConfigFile (String configName)

public String getZKAddress ()

public void setAppId (int id)

public void setAppName (String appName)

public void setApplicationSpecFactory (String className)

public void setClasspath (String serviceName, String classpath)

public void setMainClass (String serviceName, String serviceMainClass)

public void setTaskConfigFile (String configName, String path)