public class


extends Object

Class Overview

a test is structured logically as a list of commands a command has three parts: COMMAND | TRIGGER | ARG'S COMMAND could be: modify, verify, start, stop TRIGGER is optional and consists of start-time, timeout, and expect-value which means the COMMAND is triggered between [start-time, start-time + timeout] and is triggered when the value in concern equals to expect-value ARG's format depends on COMMAND if COMMAND is modify/verify, arg is in form of: in which key is k1 for SIMPLE, k1|index for LIST, and k1|k2 for MAP field if COMMAND is start/stop, arg is a thread handler


Nested Classes
enum TestExecutor.ZnodePropertyType SIMPLE: simple field change LIST: list field change MAP: map field change ZNODE: entire znode change  
Public Constructors
Public Methods
static Map<TestCommandBoolean> executeTest(List<TestCommand> commandList, String zkAddr)
static void executeTestAsync(List<TestCommand> commandList, String zkAddr)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public TestExecutor ()

Public Methods

public static Map<TestCommandBoolean> executeTest (List<TestCommand> commandList, String zkAddr)

public static void executeTestAsync (List<TestCommand> commandList, String zkAddr)