Task The interface that is to be implemented by a specific task implementation. 
TaskFactory A factory for Task objects. 


FixedTargetTaskRebalancer A rebalancer for when a task group must be assigned according to partitions/states on a target resource. 
GenericTaskRebalancer This class does an assignment based on an automatic rebalancing strategy, rather than requiring assignment to target partitions and states of another resource  
JobConfig Provides a typed interface to job configurations. 
JobConfig.Builder A builder for JobConfig
JobContext Provides a typed interface to the context information stored by TaskRebalancer in the Helix property store. 
JobDag Provides a convenient way to construct, traverse, and validate a job dependency graph  
JobQueue A named queue to which jobs can be added  
JobQueue.Builder Supports creation of a single empty queue  
ScheduleConfig Configuration for scheduling both one-time and recurring workflows in Helix  
TaskCallbackContext A wrapper for all information about a task and the job of which it is a part. 
TaskConfig Configuration for an individual task to be run as part of a job. 
TaskConstants Constants used in the task framework. 
TaskDriver CLI for scheduling/canceling workflows  
TaskRebalancer Custom rebalancer implementation for the Task state model. 
TaskResult The result of a task execution. 
TaskRunner A wrapping Runnable used to manage the life-cycle of a user-defined Task implementation. 
TaskStateModelFactory Factory class for TaskStateModel
TaskUtil Static utility methods. 
Workflow Houses a job dag and config set to fully describe a job workflow  
Workflow.Builder Build a workflow incrementally from dependencies and single configs, validate at build time  
WorkflowConfig Provides a typed interface to workflow level configurations. 
WorkflowContext Typed interface to the workflow context information stored by TaskRebalancer in the Helix property store  


TargetState Enumeration of target states for a job. 
TaskDriver.DriverCommand Commands which may be parsed from the first argument to main  
TaskPartitionState Enumeration of the states in the "Task" state model. 
TaskResult.Status An enumeration of status codes. 
TaskState Enumeration of current task states.