Task The interface that is to be implemented by a specific task implementation. 
TaskFactory A factory for Task objects. 


FixedTargetTaskRebalancer A rebalancer for when a task group must be assigned according to partitions/states on a target resource. 
GenericTaskRebalancer This class does an assignment based on an automatic rebalancing strategy, rather than requiring assignment to target partitions and states of another resource  
JobConfig Provides a typed interface to job configurations. 
JobConfig.Builder A builder for JobConfig
JobContext Provides a typed interface to the context information stored by TaskRebalancer in the Helix property store. 
JobDag Provides a convenient way to construct, traverse, and validate a job dependency graph  
JobQueue A named queue to which jobs can be added  
JobQueue.Builder Supports creation of a single empty queue  
ScheduleConfig Configuration for scheduling both one-time and recurring workflows in Helix  
TaskCallbackContext A wrapper for all information about a task and the job of which it is a part. 
TaskConfig Configuration for an individual task to be run as part of a job. 
TaskConstants Constants used in the task framework. 
TaskDriver CLI for scheduling/canceling workflows  
TaskRebalancer Custom rebalancer implementation for the Task state model. 
TaskResult The result of a task execution. 
TaskRunner A wrapping Runnable used to manage the life-cycle of a user-defined Task implementation. 
TaskStateModelFactory Factory class for TaskStateModel
TaskUtil Static utility methods. 
Workflow Houses a job dag and config set to fully describe a job workflow  
Workflow.Builder Build a workflow incrementally from dependencies and single configs, validate at build time  
WorkflowConfig Provides a typed interface to workflow level configurations. 
WorkflowContext Typed interface to the workflow context information stored by TaskRebalancer in the Helix property store  


TargetState Enumeration of target states for a job. 
TaskPartitionState Enumeration of the states in the "Task" state model. 
TaskResult.Status An enumeration of status codes. 
TaskState Enumeration of current task states.