Helix classes for all types of znodes


AlertHistory Maintains a history of alerts that have been fired, as well as actions taken, if any. 
Alerts Describe alerts and corresponding metrics. 
AlertStatus Get characteristics of alerts, whether they were fired, and their context. 
ClusterConstraints All of the constraints on a given cluster and its subcomponents, both physical and logical. 
ConfigScope This class is deprecated. replaced by HelixConfigScope  
ConstraintItem A single constraint and its associated attributes  
CurrentState Current states of partitions in a resource for an instance. 
Error Defines an error that occurs in computing a valid ideal state or external view  
ExternalView External view is an aggregation (across all instances) of current states for the partitions in a resource  
HealthStat Represents a set of properties that can be queried to determine the health of instances on a Helix-managed cluster  
HelixConfigScope config-scope that replaces @link ConfigScope  
IdealState The ideal states of all partitions in a resource  
InstanceConfig Instance configurations  
LeaderHistory The history of instances that have served as the leader controller  
LiveInstance Instance that connects to zookeeper (stored ephemerally)  
Message Messages sent internally among nodes in the system to respond to changes in state. 
Partition A distinct partition of a resource  
PauseSignal Represent a pause in the cluster  
PersistentStats Statistics for an instance  
Resource A resource contains a set of partitions and its replicas are managed by a state model  
StateModelDefinition Describe the state model  
StateModelDefinition.Builder Construct a state model  
StatusUpdate Wraps updates to Helix constructs, e.g. 
Transition Defines a transition from one state to another  


Alerts.AlertsProperty Supported fields corresponding to a set of alerts  
ClusterConstraints.ConstraintAttribute Attributes on which constraints operate  
ClusterConstraints.ConstraintType What is being constrained  
ClusterConstraints.ConstraintValue Possible special values that constraint attributes can take  
CurrentState.CurrentStateProperty Lookup keys for the current state  
HealthStat.HealthStatProperty Queryable health statistic properties  
HelixConfigScope.ConfigScopeProperty Defines the various scopes of configs, and how they are represented on Zookeeper  
IdealState.IdealStateModeProperty Deprecated. 
IdealState.IdealStateProperty Properties that are persisted and are queryable for an ideal state  
IdealState.RebalanceMode The mode used for rebalance. 
InstanceConfig.InstanceConfigProperty Configurable characteristics of an instance  
LiveInstance.LiveInstanceProperty Saved properties of a live instance  
Message.Attributes Properties attached to Messages  
Message.MessageState The current processed state of the message  
Message.MessageType The major categories of messages that are sent  
PersistentStats.PersistentStatsProperty High-level properties to provide context for these statistics