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org.apache.helix Provide the classes necessary to create a Helix cluster manager

General flow

 manager = HelixManagerFactory.getManagerForROLE(); ROLE can be participant, spectator or a controller
manager.connect(); manager.addSOMEListener(); After connect the subsequent interactions will be via listener onChange callbacks There will be 3 scenarios for onChange callback, which can be determined using NotificationContext.type INIT -> will be invoked the first time the listener is added CALLBACK -> will be invoked due to datachange in the property value FINALIZE -> will be invoked when listener is removed or session expires manager.disconnect()
Default implementations available
org.apache.helix.alerts Classes for Helix alerts
org.apache.helix.controller Helix cluster controller
org.apache.helix.controller.pipeline Helix controller pipeline classes that process cluster changes
org.apache.helix.controller.restlet Restlet server for Helix controller
org.apache.helix.controller.stages Stages in Helix controller pipelines
org.apache.helix.examples Examples of using Helix cluster manager
org.apache.helix.healthcheck Helix health check classes
org.apache.helix.josql Jsql processor for Helix
org.apache.helix.manager.zk zookeeper-based implementation of Helix cluster manager
org.apache.helix.messaging Helix message handling classes
org.apache.helix.messaging.handling Helix default implementation for handling state transition messages and controller messages
org.apache.helix.model Helix classes for all types of znodes
org.apache.helix.monitoring Helix monitoring classes
org.apache.helix.monitoring.mbeans Helix jmx bean classes
org.apache.helix.participant Helix implementation of participant classes
org.apache.helix.participant.statemachine Helix state model definitions for participant
org.apache.helix.spectator Helix default implementation of a cluster spectator Helix application property store classes Helix implementation of zookeeper-based property store
org.apache.helix.taskexecution Helix tools classes
org.apache.helix.util Helix utility classes