The Apache Helix team would like to announce the release of Apache Helix 0.8.3.

This is the fifteenth release under the Apache umbrella, and the eleventh as a top-level project.

Helix is a generic cluster management framework used for the automatic management of partitioned, replicated and distributed resources hosted on a cluster of nodes.

In this release, Helix provides several performance improvements for rebalance pipeline:

Detailed Changes

New Features

  • Introduce Helix ZkClient factory. And use the factory to generate new ZkClient in the critical Helix components
  • [helix-front] Add maintenance mode support
  • [HELIX-1315] add task driver support for helix rest to add/get task framework user content
  • REST2.0: Add delete command to updateInstanceConfig

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in stopping workflows
  • Fix mappingCalculator NPE
  • Fix a possible NPE in loadBalance in IntermediateStateCalcStage
  • Fix a race condition in updatePreviousAssignedTasksStatus
  • Fix redundant DROPPED message sent to participant
  • Fix external view does not remove old ones


  • Selective update for Resource Config read
  • Async purge job for task framework
  • Improve the logic for Task Context update
  • Batch write operations of task framework context update
  • Change all Helix default created ZkClients to use ZnRecordSerializer.
  • Improve helix message timeout task []

Cheers, -- The Apache Helix Team

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