Helix provides interfaces for the operator to administer the cluster. For convenience, there is a command line interface as well as a REST interface.

Helix Admin Operations

First, make sure you get to the command-line tool, or include it in your shell PATH.

cd helix/helix-core/target/helix-core-pkg/bin

Get help

./helix-admin.sh --help

All other commands have this form:

./helix-admin.sh --zkSvr <ZookeeperServerAddress (Required)> <command> <parameters>


Add a new cluster

--addCluster <clusterName>

Add a new Instance to a cluster

--addNode <clusterName> <InstanceAddress (host:port)>

Add a State model to a cluster

--addStateModelDef <clusterName> <filename>

Add a resource to a cluster

--addResource <clusterName> <resourceName> <partitionNum> <stateModelRef> <--mode (AUTO_REBALANCE|AUTO|CUSTOMIZED)>

Upload an IdealState (Partition to Node Mapping)

--addIdealState <clusterName> <resourceName> <filename>

Delete a cluster

--dropCluster <clusterName>

Delete a resource (drop an existing resource from a cluster)

--dropResource <clusterName> <resourceName>

Drop an existing instance from a cluster

--dropNode <clusterName> <InstanceAddress (host:port)>

Enable/disable the entire cluster. This will pause the controller, which means no transitions will be triggered, but the existing nodes in the cluster continue to function without any management by the controller.

--enableCluster <clusterName> <true/false>

Enable/disable an instance. This is useful to take a node out of the cluster for maintenance/upgrade.

--enableInstance <clusterName> <InstanceName> <true/false>

Enable/disable a partition

--enablePartition <clusterName> <instanceName> <resourceName> <partitionName> <true/false>

Query information about a cluster

--listClusterInfo <clusterName>

List existing clusters (remember, Helix can manage multiple clusters)


Query info of a single instance in a cluster

--listInstanceInfo <clusterName> <InstanceName>

List instances in a cluster

--listInstances <clusterName>

Query information about a partition

--listPartitionInfo <clusterName> <resourceName> <partitionName>

Query information about a resource

--listResourceInfo <clusterName> <resourceName>

List resources hosted in a cluster

--listResources <clusterName>

Query information about a state model in a cluster

--listStateModel <clusterName> <stateModelName>

Query information about state models in a cluster

--listStateModels <clusterName>

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